being boring,we were never being bored

i went to a country fair this past evening and even with its simple games and living, there was a more complex and truely envigorated living. There were pools of people that are so very astranged from each other,a place where the red neck and the white collar meets, a place for the drunks and the sobar, it is America in every way, from the music, and dancing, to the lines that run down the faces of all, the bald and the thoughtful, lined up to give into a life that is seldom lived. Children ran and laughed and play, lovers strolled and talked, police stood as statues of order and old families and friends feasted on bbq, this, a place that transcends politics and wealth.This is a home to all feelings,pride or modesty. The gaping and gawking, the hidden and the obscure all together to form some form of life, filled with new sounds, and lights, and smells. A place where stranger maybe long lost friends.This the country fair.
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