Ending centuries

Sexuality is the key to everything yet still nothing at all. It is money to the media, and valued by girls wishing for real men, to old men it is what they did wrong,misunderstood by all like raving monsters full of beautiful words. What dark words will express feelings and far gone souls. Do we always loose at life and can we fix our fathers past mistakes. The doomed illiterate who have no taste for words, the freedom we long for and the causes brightening as suns. Politics and foolish games, true love that may fall in pain to waiting caskets that will never hold time but always memories. All these memories completely detestible to our minds, where is control. Do we ever understand the future plainly written in books-do we ever read them all or just where is this world in them- will we find it ever in rest. To those cities we lived in where are they. Is it our memories that preserve us or trouble us? Do we learn or are those illiterates the ones who truely understand and ignorance complete bliss.All days and places must change. All people and times, thoughts and ways, powerful, seldom, swiftly, and in a mind facinating, do stray and drift from us.
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