there is no truth among shoes and politicians

well i've found that there are very few and true politicians, many have bad ideas, with the mass majority in some lost thought. We hope for religion or some flawed adventure to bring back the clarity of life but really we are unable to reach this clarity. We see truth as something to obtain, that people are replacable and that by talking to others, ends up only lets our feelings fall further into ourselves; like falling waters. there is life among the living, safe love beyond hiding, and shoes that do not hurt your feet. there is time among and outside of clocks, and paper is worth the words on it. Yet somehow the letters i read, and the books i see are filled with cheap talk and forgone feelings, and why are the shoes that i wear so full of blisters. These are things i don't understand. All that humanity is has degraded as sands on the beaches of the carolina's;so full of history and silence, running away in tides and under deep presure. Like the once know skyline of a present world crumbled into words and tears. What was here is gone and the sand and dust have settled, but the ashes of death and the cries that move along; like this silence, will forever burn into paper. Words will be forgotten in the souls of men, but the emptiness will resound among the silence of the missing.
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